DX Heat

Responsive Web DX-Cluster & DX Analytics tools,
built for serious DXers

DX Cluster

Real-time Web DX-Cluster

DXHeat offers versatile filtering of incoming DX Spots. With it's built in push algorithms, display is instant, while being optimized for low bandwidth at the same time. Rich graphical tools and HTML5 Audio & WebSDR Technology make it indispensable for serious DXers.

Real-time Push

All DX-Spots are pushed to your Webbrowser in real-time. No more waiting, no more refreshing.

Flexible Filters

Filter incoming spots for favorite bands and continents.

Band Activity Map

Visual tool to check the current band activity into all continents at a glance.


Listen to any Spot directly in your web browser, powered by PA3FWM's WebSDR. No additional software or plugins needed.

DX Analytics

DXHeat provides meanful statistics for Amateur Radio Stations and their past DX activities. Beside beautiful diagrams, useful information and a list of Spots are generated on the fly. These analytics can be used for in example for research and sked prediction.

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